There are many ways in laravel to redirect users to a 404 page if content not exists. You know that laravel provides many default systems in their entire application. You might be happy to listen that laravel also provides a default way to show a custom 404 page if data not exists. For that, we just have to do a little bit of work. 

Laravel provides Route::fallback() to redirect users to a 404 page if the page or URL does not exist in Laravel. Every web application follows this redirection like showing 404 page if content not exists or they visit wrong URL. Let's see the example code of 404 page route in laravel.



Route::fallback(function () {
    return view('errors.404');


Remember: The fallback route should always be the last route registered by your application.


Now create a 404.blade.php file inside the following path resources/views/errors/404.blade.php. If an exception happens then Laravel will automatically redirect users to the 404 page.


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Now we know how to define a 404 page route in laravel. Now we can redirect a user to a custom 404 page in laravel if data does not exist using laravel route fallback.

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