In this tutorial, we will see how we can create a reset or forgot password system in laravel 9 application. To create this send reset password link email laravel, we will use laravel default authentication system, and then we will use laravel default password reset mechanism. For this, we will use the default User model and users table to send reset password token.

You know that Laravel provides this default reset password system with email-based token system. Laravel also provides laravel reset password link expiration and which is 60 minutes by default. We can change this laravel reset password link expiration time also. So let's see hopw we can create laravel 9 forgot password example.

Login page with for your password link



Forgot password form


After submitting forgot password form



Reset password email


After clicking the reset password button from mail


Step 1: Install Laravel

First of all, we need to get a fresh Laravel 9 version application using the bellow command, So open your terminal OR command prompt and run the bellow command to start send reset password link email laravel.

composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app


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Step 2: Connect Database

We need registration, so need database table to save user data. We will open the ".env" file and change the database name, username and password in the env file and create send reset password link email laravel 9.




Now you have to run this migration by following the command:

php artisan migrate


Step 3: Create Auth Scaffold

Here, we will use laravel ui package and create auth scaffold with the bootstrap framework. let's follow bellow command:

composer require laravel/ui


Now create a simple bootstrap auth system:

php artisan ui bootstrap --auth


And run npm i and npm run dev to compile javascript assets.


Step 4: Configure Mail

To receive forgot or reset password mail, I am going to use mailtrap. So configure it like:




Now all are set to go to check the laravel reset password email template. So now you can test your app to check laravel 9 reset password. Hope it will help you.

Now you can test our application by visiting the below URL:



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Now we know laravel 9 forgot password. Hope this send reset password link email laravel 9 tutorial will help you to create laravel reset password email template.

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